Scaling and Root Planning SRP/Deep Cleaning

Dentist Bastrop

Periodontal disease is very treatable, but cannot be fully cured. If you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, we may recommend a treatment called a “deep cleaning”, better known as scaling and root planning.

With this treatment our dental hygienist or dentist may use a topical or local numbing agent to ensure you are comfortable. During the procedure, we gently remove plaque, bacteria, and tartar that is attached to the root structure and within the deeper periodontal pockets. This helps the tissue to stabilize and heal.

The goal of the procedure is to minimize bleeding and inflammation caused by the bacteria and tartar, while helping to prevent further bone loss and tissue fiber destruction.

After the completion of your scaling and root planning treatment, you will be scheduled for regular ongoing maintenance care. These visits will involve a thorough professional cleaning and monitoring of your oral health to ensure the disease does not recur and progress further.

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